McDonald’s Corporation recognized McDonald’s of Ashland, Missouri general manager Barb Belmar as an Outstanding Manager at the Big Mo Co-op rally. Elizabeth Moore, Training Coordinator and Robyn Shire Operations Supervisor nominated Belmar for the award.

“Barb has shown excellent team building skills, meticulous attention to detail and dedication,” Shire said, “She’s been a wonderful addition to the organization,” Shire said.

The annual award commends the top 10 percent of restaurant managers across the nation in regards to sales, customer service and operations. In order to be eligible for the award, a general manager must have at least one year of experience and be a graduate of Hamburger University® , which is the corporation’s global operations training and leadership development program.

Belmar has been a part of the company for twenty-two years, and has been a restaurant manager for the last three. Belmar is active in the Ashland community and has partnerships with the Southern Boone Public Schools. These include McTeacher’s Night, Project Graduation, an on-the-job training program with the Vocational Skills high school class and various athletic activities.

Belmar is committed to the development of her employees and is known for the phrase, “It’s all about the relationships.”Belmar developed and certified three new shift managers last year and has 100% of her shift managers certified. Belmar also focuses on strong performance in restaurant operations. Her restaurant ranks in the first quintile of customer complaints contact, which means her restaurant received significantly fewer customer complaints than the average. Her location was also placed at #65 out of 1282 restaurants in her region.

McDonald’s is the largest and best-known global food service retailer, with more than 30 stores in the Columbia-Jefferson City area. More than 85 percent of McDonald’s® restaurants in the United States are owned and operated by independent, local businessmen and women. McDonald’s of Ashland is owned and operated by Mark and Kate Mehle. Robyn Shire is the Operations Supervisor.