First Baptist Church of Columbia Pastor Carol McEntyre has been elected to serve as the Moderator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF). Moderator is the highest elected officer of the Fellowship. Carol will be presiding over the Fellowship’s annual meeting (also known as the General Assembly), as well as serving as the chair for the Governing Board. Carol has served on the Governing Board for CBF for the last two years; this will be an extension of that work. Carol was elected Vice-Moderator in June of this year, and will serve a one-year term as Moderator, which will begin June of 2020.

Pastor McEntyre will be only the second female pastor to serve in this role for the CBF. Ordained in 2002, Carol has also served on the Leadership Team for Baptist Women in Ministry (2015-2018).

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) is a Christian Network of individuals and churches who have been working together to spread the hope of Christ across the globe and the nation for 25 years.

First Baptist Church is a vibrant community of Christ-followers that has served Columbia for the past 195 years. As a congregation, the members of First Baptist Church strive to live in a manner worthy of the gospel they teach. The church is led by Senior Pastor Carol McEntyre and is located at 1112 E Broadway, Columbia, Missouri 65201. Visit for more information.