Broadcast Media Statistics


90% of American adults listen to the radio every week


59% of American adults listen to the radio every day


Investing in TV can increase advertising effectiveness by 40%


36% of adults named TV the most trustworthy source of advertising,,

What is Broadcast Media?


Broadcast media generally consists of radio and television advertising. These may seem out of date, but they are actually an incredible way to reach a large yet targeted audience. Statistics show that radio and television are still seen or heard by a large portion of the consumer base every day.

We split broadcast media into two sections, radio and television advertising. Using both of these mediums in an effective and consistent way is helpful to any business that wants to expand its reach within the marketplace. It is especially important for small businesses in local markets. Not only is it useful in reaching new and unique customers, but also for maintaining a company’s brand and image within the community.


Is radio advertising effective?

Not only is radio advertising effective, it is one of the best mediums for advertising in the United States. Almost 90% of Americans listen to the radio on a weekly basis. Also, they average around 106 minutes of listening time PER DAY! (

However, the most important factor in creating a solid and effective radio campaign is doing the demographic research that allows your ads to be heard by your consumers.


TV advertising advantages

Television is one of the lowest risk methods of investing in marketing and has a high likelihood of profit return.

Also, TV is important for brand awareness in the marketplace. Committing to executing your brand across media increases the effectiveness of your advertising in general. This means your message and creative are vitally important.

In fact, increasing spending on TV can improve advertising effectiveness by 40%. (


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