Some things in life don’t have extended expiration dates. Fresh raspberries. Taylor Swift’s romantic relationships. Websites. Yes, unfortunately, the biggest window into your business must be updated regularly and ultimately replaced every few years. It’s true—what looked great and inspired customer engagement five years ago looks archaic now. Haven’t we all seen some terribly dated websites? Be honest—they affect how we feel about the company in question.

How fresh is your website?

It’s not easy, or cheap, to build a quality website. Sitemaps, content, search-engine optimization and other factors all determine how well your site functions. If you don’t have rich, frequently updated content to lure readers to revisit your website, you will likely lose that consumer (and her wallet) to a company who does. Having a visually pleasant website is important; just as crucial is having the content to keep the customers coming back.

Visionworks Marketing Group builds and maintains the websites of several clients and has a proven track record of improving digital engagement. Enlist a trusted partner to build a fantastic website and keep it running smoothly. You’ve got enough on your plate as a business owner. Contact Top Dog Lili Vianello today to find out what’s possible with Visionworks.